“The People’s Mobile Library” To Hit Houston Streets

By: JadetheCreator Upon clicking the Facebook webpage to The People’s Mobile Library, you’ll notice a huge, inviting banner with the word F(READ)OM. The word alone speaks volumes in many instances. We look to books to retrace our steps in recorded history, we cozy up to books to imagine places we aren’t able to see. There



Why Feminist Activists Defecated and Menstruated on the Islamic State Flag

VICE Egyptian activist and blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdi uploaded a picture to her Facebook account this Saturday showing her and another unnamed activist shitting and menstruating on an Islamic State flag while naked. Elmahdi is seen facing the camera and fixing viewers with an unrelenting stare, her blood smeared vulva just inches above the stained



Will Future Surveillance Technology Inspire Cyber Punk Fashion Trends?

True Activist Artist wants to undermine surveillance technology with cyber punk fashion Artist and activist Adam Harvey has intensively studied facial recognition software with the hopes of understanding how it can be undermined. In his research, Harvey has discovered that people can trick facial recognition technology by adapting certain types of fashion trends that make

Police State




Report: TSA Routinely Targets Transgender Passengers For Extra Pat-Downs, Strip Searches

Emerson Rensink | The Anti-Media In an extensive report conducted by Al-Jazeera America last month, it was revealed that U.S. Transportation Security Agency (TSA) policies routinely single out transgender passengers for extra security screenings, including pat-downs and strip searches. Al-Jazeera’s findings are based on information gathered from public records requests from the Department of Homeland



Debtors Prisons Are Taking the US Back to the 19th Century

VICE Most countries around the world have confined debtors’ prisons the annals of history. Indigent debtors can, however, still be locked away in the United Arab Emirates, Greece and, to (what should be) our shame, the United States. The US did away with designated facilities for jailing debtors in the 19th century. But the system



Killer robots a small step away and must be outlawed, says top UN official

Telegraph Killer robots programmed to open fire without human control are just a “small step” from the battlefield and military powers should agree to outlaw them, a top United Nations official has said. Angela Kane, the UN’s high representative for disarmament, said governments should be more open about programmes to develop the technology and she



Kyrgyzstan Bans Cultivation of Genetically Modified Crops

24 Genetically modified products to be prohibited cultivated in Kyrgyzstan. Today the deputies approved in the third reading the bill “On the prohibition of cultivation, production, import and sale in KR products containing GMOs”. Earlier it was reported that the adoption of the law till 2015, it is planed to build a laboratory, where not

Drug War


Houston DA Candidates on Weed: Talking Points Over Data Points

HP Though marijuana possession remains a jailable crime in Harris County, the law of the land is shifting toward leniency for offenders. Both contenders in the November race for Harris County District Attorney have presented alternatives to convicting those caught with pot. DA incumbent Devon Anderson and challenger Kim Ogg agree that the old ways need to


(Image: Massimiliano Clausi/laif/Camerapress)

Report: Local people preserve the environment better than governments

New Scientist “FOR the Wapichan, our forests are our life.” Nicholas Fredericks, a local leader of these indigenous South American people, peers out from his village into the bush. “Outsiders have a financial view of the land,” he says. “They see our forests as money. We see them as life. We have to protect them




Terrorists trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan WND Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials. The officials said dozens of ISIS members were trained