Zero Waste Food Market in Denver Launches Campaign to Revolutionize the Future of Shopping

Expanded Consciousness

ZERO market, opening in Denver in early 2015, will offer customers non-toxic, preservative-free groceries, organic and locally grown produce, “cruelty-free” body care and eco-household products all in bulk and without single-use packaging. All products at ZERO market are healthy alternatives to the products available at conventional grocery chains and are specifically sold to be a “zero-waste” product.

But Why?

More than 175 million tons of garbage reaches landfills every year in the U.S. contributing to toxic wastelands and rising levels of greenhouse gases among other issues. ZERO market is a place where you can leave knowing that everything purchased will never go to the landfill. It is also a place to go to learn more about this lifestyle, discover how to become a more sustainable individual and learn how to make the shift into a greener life.

The mission: to create a more convenient way of living zero-waste and helping the community prevent and divert as much trash from the landfills as possible, stopping the trash at the source.
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