Who We Are:

The Houston Free Thinkers:



  • We are a community alliance of concerned citizens who come together to raise awareness on topics ignored by the mainstream media, the government, and corporations.
  • We place strong emphasis and focus on solutions and community building.
  • We discuss a wide range of topics. These include (but not limited to): 9/11 Truth, Genetically Engineered Foods, Environment, Police State, The Federal Reserve Scam, Fluoridated Water, Drug War, Geo-Engineering, Loss of Civil Liberties, Community, Anarchy, the growing Police State, and erosion of Civil Liberties. 
  • Also any hidden crimes involving these institutions, and how all these connect to show that sovereign countries the world over are being hi-jacked by a hidden elite in order to create a one world State.

HOW – 

  • We maintain our website with up to date news.
  • We hold monthly meetings, free community barbecues and picnics, street action, where we give away information and DVDs.
  • We organize benefit shows for causes such as Censorship, Police Brutality, GMO's, Organic Gardening and Sustainability, Anti-War, Drug Policy Reform, Vets For Peace and more.
  • At The Free Thinker House we hold skillshares on such topics as bicycle repair, herbal remedies, internet security, beginning spanish, as well as offering a community library and free wi-fi.
  • We maintain the Free Thinker Community Garden.
  • We encourage each individual to distribute flyers, pamphlets, and DVDs on their own time.

As a loose network of people from varied backgrounds we are involved with numerous projects seeking to give the people knowledge, solutions, and help them become more independent. We also realize, we the people are our own safeguard against corrupt leaders and as such, our job is never done.

This is an information war and Free Thinkers are dangerous.



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