Who Really Believes 100 Homeland Security Vehicles at STL Hotel Are Just for ‘Training’?

Melissa Melton
Activist Post 

The timing on the Department of Homeland Security supposedly “training” in droves in Chesterfield, a suburb of St. Louis less than 25 miles from Ferguson where authorities are expecting riots following the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case, is nothing short of amazing.

A Navy vet named Mark Paffrath who worked at the Chesterfield Drury hotel has been deemed a “terrorist” and fired by his boss for posting pictures to social media showing dozens upon dozens of white DHS SUVS parked at the hotel which have, “Federal Protective Service POLICE” and the Homeland Security logo emblazoned on the side.

Via Fox 2 News St. Louis:

“He called me a terrorist and said I dishonorably served my country for posting those pictures and the short video,” he said. Then, “He gave me a threat that if I were to repost the pictures that I would be locked up and have DHS knocking on my door and all that other stuff.”

Shocked to see so many DHS vehicles in the same place at the same time, the vet took to his Facebook page, which also included a snapshot of this sign about Homeland Security’s visit for the hotel staff:

The sign discusses how the names of the DHS guests are “confidential” so “brag to your family about it after they check out” and that “police K-9s are service animals” and do not get charged extra.

A lot of people in story comments across the Internet are saying they’re going to boycott Drury Hotels now for firing Paffrath.

Some mainstream outlets are reporting that the DHS is just there for training, nothing else.

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