What’s new with The Houston Free Thinkers?

Hello all!

Hope you are enjoying October and feeling inspired to take action in your community! We have some big updates in the HFT camp so let’s get started….

First off, We began holding meetings again on September 28th! After taking a few months to rest and regroup we had a successful meeting with about 24 people in attendance. There was much discussion of supporting the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, starting new skillshares, and community gardening. All of these goals are currently being worked on. We need your support so look out for an upcoming meeting!

In other exciting news, three members of HFT officially moved into the new Free Thinker House on October 1st! This the third time we have had a FT House as a space for HFT to meet.The house was built in 1930 and is located in Houston’s East End. It has a good amount of space for the three people living here, as well as for meetings, house shows, skillshares, urban gardening projects, and much more! We are very excited to use this space as an opportunity to showcase the concept of Freedom Cells and how to become more independent, community strong, and self sustaining. We are so excited that we have already begun documenting the process. Every week we plan to release new videos showing our progress as a house and individuals as we attempt to move from dependency to freedom and thriving. You can follow the house progress either on the HFT youtube channel or The Free Thinker House fb page!

Oh btw, if you are wondering who the “we” is that lives in the Free Thinker House, check out update #2!

We are holding regular garden days at the house every Sunday beginning at 10 am until around 2 pm. We will have food and drinks for anyone who volunteers. If you can’t make it you can follow the weekly updates to see what projects we are taking on. One project you will hear more about in November is a Kombucha brewing skillshare. Kombucha is a fermented tea that tastes great and helps your stomach. As far as November goes we are also planning a monthly meeting, a documentary screening of some kind, For The Community 12 festival, and the second Houston Garden Crawl!

We are back in action and not going anywhere anytime soon! Hope to see you at an event!

– The Houston Free Thinkers –

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