What Is Nada Yoga?

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The following is excerpted from The Practice of Nada Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound, published by Inner Traditions, Bear & Company.

One who desires true union of yoga should leave all thinking behind and concentrate with single-pointed attention on the nada. Hatha Yoga Pradipika 4.93

You have lost your way. You were walking down a country road. It started to get foggy. It started to get dark. Now you find yourself walking across open country unable to see more than a few feet in front of you. What is the right direction? How will you find your way home?

As it gets darker you worry that you are straying farther and farther from your destination. The fear begins to well up inside of you, “I’m lost and will never get home.” Then you remember your home and those who love you waiting there for you. You feel love in your heart. You let it grow. You find you are no longer fearful.

You hear a sound in the distance. It is not recognizable, but it is familiar. You move toward it, but it is muted as it echoes through the fog. It is difficult to tell exactly where it’s coming from. Uncertain, you continue forward.
Dimly at first, out of the darkness, you begin to see a faint flickering light. As you move toward it, it begins to glow more brightly. It becomes a fixed point of radiant light.

As you get closer you recognize the sound as the voice of someone who loves and cares about you. They are calling your name. As you move toward them, you realize you can see, through the windows of your living room, the light of a fire burning warm and bright in the fireplace. You have found your way home to the love of your family and the comfort of a cozy fire.

Every day we try to find our way through the fog of distractions in the world around us. We search for any sound to show us the way, any light that indicates what direction we should take.

In nada yoga the calling voice is the Inner Sacred Sound. The warm, bright fire is the Internal Divine Light. Together they show us the way home and our connection to all things everywhere.

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