Washington State prepares gun control nullification bill



As the call for more gun control continues, governors, lawmakers, sheriffs, and citizens across the country are taking a stand.

After the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, gun control advocates immediately jumped on the opportunity to dust off old gun control legislation, specifically advocating for a ban on "assault weapons," despite the fact that the media now is having to admit no rifle was used in the shooting.

Even though the FBI's own crime statistics show that more people are killed by blunt objects like hammers, than so called "assault rifles," the call to ban rifles from 99.9% of law abiding responsible gun owners, due to the action of a few, still remains.

Attorney General Eric Holder, most famous for shipping guns to drug cartels to undermine the second amendment as admitted by documents leaked to CBS News, is now pushing gun control proposals in the wake of President Obama's 23 Executive Orders. Senator Diane Feinstein, well know for her anti-gun stance, has released a list of 157 rifles, handguns and shotguns that will be banned if her legislation passes Congress.

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