Virginia Police Used Licence Plate Scanners to Put Protesters into a Database

Did Virginia Police Put Last Year’s Bilderberg Protesters in a Database?

By JG Vibes |


It was recently uncovered by the ACLU that Virginia police have been using licence plate scanners to database people who show up for protests and political rallies. This includes protests in the DC area and throughout the rest of Virginia.

It was already revealed months ago that various occupy protests were being monitored and participants were being cataloged into databases, however these new revelations show that this practice is much more widespread than originally thought.

“From 2010 until last spring, the Virginia State Police (VSP) maintained a massive database of license plates that allowed them to pinpoint the locations of millions of cars on particular dates and times. Even more disturbing, the agency used automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) to collect information about political activities of law-abiding people. The VSP recorded the license plates of vehicles attending President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, as well as campaign rallies for Obama and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin”, The ACLU reported. [1]

In addition to the obvious invasion of privacy, this practice also discourages people from protesting.

“the risk is that individuals will become more cautious in the exercise of their protected rights of expression, protest, association, and political participation because they consider themselves under constant surveillance”, the International Association of Chiefs of Police explained in a recent report.

Even people who were attending Obama’s inauguration were targetted, so it also seems that no one is safe from the US government spy apparatus. If the police were monitoring random political rallies and occupy protests then there is a very good chance that they were watching last year’s Bilderberg protest even more closely. The last Bilderberg meeting in America took place in Chantilly, Virginia in 2012.


[1] Virginia State Police Used License Plate Readers At Political Rallies, Built Huge Database – ACLU

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