Violently Yanking, Kicking, and Punching on Video Gets Deputy Indicted

Nik Rajkovic

(KTRH) A Harris County deputy constable is indicted on charges of official oppression. Precinct 4 Deputy Jimmy Drummond is beating a handcuffed man last year during a routine traffic stop.

“Video evidence shows David Scherz Jr on the ground being kicked violently five times, slapped in the face, punched in the face, yanked on and a foot wiped on his back, all while he was handcuffed,” says civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen.

Kallinen says the traffic stop near the Scherz home quickly turned into chaos when family members ran to his aid.

“A whole bunch of deputies showed up, and eventually all five family members were arrested, many of them injured with broken bones and so forth, and they were all charged with crimes,” he says. “Eventually, each one of those crimes was dismissed.”

Kallinen says the case shows just how hard it is to hold local police accountable, despite what he calls Drummond’s long history of alleged “excessive force.”

“Other people are convicted or charged on credible eyewitness testimony and evidence of injuries, yet officers are given such an extreme high benefit of the doubt, you need public outcry and the video tape.”

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