(VIDEO) NAACP Members: “No Difference Between Romney and Obama”


The Houston Free Thinkers attended the NAACP National Convention in Houston, Texas where Eric Holder, Mitt Romney and Joe Biden spoke. Derrick Broze interviewed several members of the NAACP branches on their opinion of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speech. When confronted with the similarities between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney most seemed to agree, there is little difference between the two. Others agreed that currently the bankers are running the system.

  Most in attendance seem to understand the system is wrecked and that this was caused by the bankers. They also seem to understand that both Obama, and Romney are funded by the bankers. There seems to be some disconnect between these notions and the understanding that these men are beholden to the banks.


  Until we break the programming that mainstream media has instilled in most Americans the bankers puppets will continue to be "voted" in. We must push harder than ever to inform those around us that the left-right paradigm, two party oligarchy is a joke. Continue to build locally and boycott the puppet show.

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