Utah gun trainer defends free lessons for teachers

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A Utah gun enthusiast and trainer who’s offering free firearms seminars to teachers told CNN on Friday that guns should be made available in classrooms across America just like fire extinguishers and first aid kits are today.

“We’re gonna give folks like Kasey another option rather than jumping in front of a bullet,” Clark Aposhian said on CNN’s “Starting Point.” “It’s why we put fire extinguishers and medical kits in classrooms.”

That didn’t seem to sit very well with co-host Ron Brownstein, who flatly asked Aposhian whether he thinks firefighters — like the ones in Webster, New York who were murdered by a gunman on Monday — should be armed as well.

“We shouldn’t necessarily disarm firefighters,” Velshi said. He added that in his view, parents do not need to be notified about teachers who bring deadly weapons into the classroom so long as they are conducting themselves “in a professional manner.”

His fellow guest, teacher Kasey Hansen, confessed that she did not own a gun and had never brought one into a school, saying she wouldn’t feel comfortable without more training.

Aposhian’s argument is essentially the same as the National Rifle Association’s, which says that the mass proliferation of firearms will lead to a safer society.

Unfortunately, that logic did not hold true in New Jersey on Friday morning, where an individual who was arrested on charges related to domestic violence somehow obtained a police-issued weapon and shot three officers inside the station house before being gunned down.

Additionally, armed guards were present on the campuses of Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, yet mass shootings were carried out in those locations as well. Fort Hood in Texas, similarly, had hundreds of armed guards, but that didn’t stop a shooter from killing 13 people before being subdued.

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