Trust yourself, Resist the State

Derrick Broze


“It is part of the statist mystique to confuse the necessity of ends-means consistency; it is thus the most crucial activity of the libertarian theorist to expose inconsistencies.”

– Samuel Konkin III, The New Libertarian Manifesto

The institution known as the State is by far the most dangerous idea to date. Millions of people around the world have bought into the idea that some external creation has the authority, or the “right” to commandeer a particular geographic location and dictate what is “legal”. The State encompasses more than just the simple ruling class however.

In our modern age the State has many faces. The lines between government, corporation, media, and military have been blurred to the point that many corporations work hand in hand with the military, governments work directly with media propaganda campaigns and so on.

Where in the past an individual may have only had to fend off the clutches of an over reaching government we now have to stand against corporations with subsidies and bailouts, and governments that take without care or concern. Add to this already volatile mix a conglomerate of media organizations that represent nothing close to independent news reporting, and you have a clearer picture of our current situation.

The machine that is the Media-Military-Corporate-Fascist complex exists for one purpose: To break you down so that you will willfully submit to a set of ideals that do not promote freedom and do not encourage empowerment. Samuel Konkin referred to these as “anti-principles”. He believes these to be “those seeming like principles but actually contrary to natural law”. I would argue handing over your natural ability to make decisions for yourself is contrary to natural law.

In forfeiting our own power to an external force we find a number of problems arise. An individual who has been raised to see the government as parent is likely to grow dependent on their new found parent figure. One who has become acclimated to the “benefits” of the welfare state is unlikely to question or oppose their corporate partners. Those who do question the corporations but not the government fail to recognize the hypocrisy of benefitting off one while hating the other. There is no separation between the corporations and the government.

One who has resigned to the comforts of pseudo-freedom is not likely to find much relief from their favorite past time: the media and it’s many distractions. From television to internet ads, the majority of advertisements that cross an individuals vision are owned by the same corporate-fascist interests that influence other areas of our lives. We are constantly bombarded by messages telling us to spend more money, degrade individuals based on their clothing, sex, and skin color, and in general any skewed message they can get across in thirty second snippets.

Whether it is sex, money, politics, or religion, we are shown extremes. We are to believe that sex can neither be healthy or loving but instead we are shown images of promiscuity or told to hide away your desires. Either you join corporate America or you live under a bridge. Either we keep you safe or there will be chaos.

We are sold one fallacy after another from the State and it’s many tentacles.

This system, whether by design or freakish accident, will make you feel alone. Isolated. Fearful. From this unbalanced mental state it is much easier to manipulate an individual. To make them believe they want to relinquish control over their own affairs. In order to counter act this attack by the State we must strengthen the foundation they seek to destroy.

If we allow ourselves to be swept up in a whirl wind of propaganda, division, instant satisfaction, and a “now or never” mindset we will fall prey to the Statist dis-ease. By stepping back and allowing ourselves time to become aware of what our “self” is we can avoid such traps and continue on the path towards freedom.

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated into what to like, eat, or buy. Learn more about who you are as a person and create your role in it all. The State will march on with it’s intentions and you with yours. The moment you decide to separate and no longer play the game that is the moment you become free.

The State will always seek to divide, isolate and control. A solution to these attacks is a deeper understanding of yourself. By knowing your desires, your limits, your needs, and being honest about these things, not only to yourself but the community around you, you build a protective cocoon around your existence. The State manipulations are no match for a conscious, self-aware human being ready to reach their fullest potential. Once we begin to take these steps in our own personal lives we must encourage those willing to hear the message to do the same for themselves.

In my personal life I have found much use for the practice of meditation. Taking even 5 minutes of your day to sit is a surprisingly helpful way to stay more present. Whether you are sitting in silence, focusing on an issue you wish to resolve, or chanting, the effect is similar: A calming sense of awareness. Awareness of ones own emotions, doubts, insecurities, hopes, and dreams. By taking steps towards a more fuller awareness of self we can truly advance our species forward and continue the process of evolving past the State.

“Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with Diligence.” – Siddartha Gautama

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