The Houston Free Thinkers: 5 Years Strong

I have been helping facilitate The Houston Free Thinkers monthly meetings since summer 2011. Every month we meet and get to know each others concerns and goals, we discuss the past month’s action, and ideas for upcoming actions and events.

Every month, without fail, there is always at least one person that will remark how they previously felt so alone. Their perspective and reality was undergoing a rapid expansion. They talk of trying to share their new ideals and views with friends and family only to be turned away or mocked. They begin to feel alone and scared. All of a sudden they come to a meeting and recognize that there is a community of activists and individuals who are focusing on solutions and common ground. Not just within the HFT but with all the groups and individuals we connect and cross-pollinate with.

I also often have people tell me that they have been planning to come to a meeting for months, years even but were too busy or uncertain or just wasn’t the right time. They express joy with finally being able to experience what we are building.

Also, I get people who come to the meetings, get involved for a while and then get busy with life. When I see them around town they apologize, and say something like, “I am sorry I haven’t made it out! I have been busy, etc.” I always answer the same. “You have no obligation, come when you can and we will still be doing what we do, happy to welcome you back to the fold.”

So my goal with sharing this is that if any of you are in the Houston area and have been interested, curious, or heard things about HFT, I ask that you come experience it firsthand so you may understand the beautiful community and network that is the Free Thinkers. Please consider joining us tonight for our monthly meeting! Details here.

– Derrick Broze, HFT

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