Texas high school cuts valedictorian’s mic at mention of Constitution

Washington Times

A North Texas high school silenced its valedictorian during his graduation address because he “deviated from the prior reviewed material” and talked about the Constitution.

The controversy comes just days after a South Carolina valedictorian made national news by ripping up his pre-approved speech onstage and reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Officials at Joshua High School decided to take a more proactive approach when Remington Reimer began to talk about his First Amendment rights.

“He just said, he was talking about getting constitutional rights taken away from him,” Colin Radford, a Joshua graduate, told Fox 4.”And then he said, ‘Just yesterday they threatened to turn my microphone off,’ and then his microphone went off.”

The Joshua Independent School District issued a statement that Mr. Reimer’s microphone was cut “regardless of content.”

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