Take Control of Money: Print Your Own

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Revival of local currencies during the past 25 years proves that communities can issue money to create green jobs, fund local nonprofits and farms, make interest-free loans, and connect residents as fellow workers.

The Ithaca HOURS money that I started in 1991, for example, has traded millions of dollars value among thousands of residents and 500 businesses. Each colorful HOUR, depicting local children, trolleys, waterfalls and  bugs, is valued at one hour of common labor or $10.00, which doubled the 1991 minimum wage.

Responding to explosive media interest, by 1995 I wrote the book Hometown Money: How to Enrich Your Community with Local Currency. Thousands more such currencies have since emerged worldwide, both paper and electronic credits. HOURS, Time Dollars, Berkshares, LETS, BitCoin and dozens more formats have begun to establish alternatives to the national monies controlled by elites.

Control of money decides where jobs are available and for how long. Control of money decides who owns land and what gets built. Control of money decides what is legal and what's a crime. Control of money decides who lives well and who struggles. And ultimately, control of money decides who lives longer and who dies sooner.

At the same time, all national currencies are in debt to nature, serving human economies that extract from nature faster than we restore. When tney collapse, HOURS will trade independently. Labor will become the new gold standard.

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