Social media, journalism and wars: ‘Authenticity has replaced authority’


Time, Vice News, Storyful and BBC Trending talk Twitter, BuzzFeed, hoaxes and whether breaking news is ‘bullshit’

The growth of social media has changed the way news organisations cover conflicts around the world, but traditional journalistic values are still vital.

These, at least, were the main conclusions from a panel at the Web Summit conference in Dublin this morning, featuring representatives from Time, Vice News and News Corporation-owned social curation service Storyful.

“I’m not sure that the task of journalism has changed that much: we still send journalists to unearth stories and break news. But Twitter is our competition, and we have faced up to that reality,” said Matt McAllester, Europe editor for Time.

“All legacy media organisations in the US and UK have gone through that process. And some have not survived.”

While the panel shook their heads en masse when the phrase “citizen journalism” was mentioned, they admitted that on-the-spot witnesses are now as likely to be posting on social media as talking to a journalist.

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