San Antonio FBI Issues Potential Activity Report on Sovereign Citizens

The Liberty Beat

BY: Derrick Broze

On August 5th, 2013 the San Antonio division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation released an unclassified Situational Information Report on potential activity involving “a Sovereign Citizen organization” in the Austin, Texas area. The report details a possible “New Method For Identifying Law Enforcement and First Responder Residences” involving a fund raising organization that was supposed to help young individuals with public speaking.

Volunteers with the organization were told they could win prizes by collecting information door to door regarding the homeowners profession. Various professions corresponded to a points system, and the team with the most points would win a college scholarship and cash prize. The police officer profession collected the highest point score. The report also states that the volunteers carried cards claiming that they were protected under the constitution and “were not required to show any identification or be restricted from their duties by state or local officials”.

The report concludes by stating that the activities were consistent a Sovereign Citizen organization who were interested in the addresses of police and first responders. According to the report the individuals collecting the information were not aware they were working for a Sovereign Citizen organization. The source of the report is a law enforcement officer from an area police department, and the report has not been vetted by FBI headquarters.

The so-called Sovereign Citizen movement is a loose grouping of individuals who are generally anti-taxation, view the government as illegimate and do not believe various aspects of the law apply to them. Although there is no official organization, and individuals often hold opposing ideas on the topic, the FBI labels the idea a movement and classifies “sovereign citizens” among domestic terror threats as anti-government extremists.

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