Rutgers University Study Shows Majority of Americans Unaware of Genetically Modified Crops

The Liberty Beat

By: Derrick Broze

In early November researchers at Rutgers University released a survey that seems to indicate a lack of knowledge for Americans when it comes to genetically modified (GM) foods. According to the survey 53% of people interviewed said they knew very little or nothing at all about GM foods, and 25 percent of people said they had never heard of the technology. When participants were asked upfront about GM products 73 % said they wanted labeling, compared to only 7 % calling for labeling when asked generally about what information they would like to see on food labels. William Hallman, professor of human ecology in Rutgers’ School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, and lead author of the study, said “Americans do care about what’s in their food, and they do read labels… But whether consumers say they want GM food labels depends on how you ask the question, so we asked about it in several ways.”

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