Review of June: Infojams, the Mayor, HPD and More!

June was a busy month for the Houston Free Thinkers community! Here is a quick review of our actions!

On June 7th and 8th we held our 5th music/art festival known as For the Community! We work with artists, performers, and musicians from around the city to put on a FREE festival with multiple stages of over 30 musical acts, local art, food and vendors; fire spinning and lots more! It is always an amazing time and we appreciate everyone who makes an effort to be a part! Look for number 6 in September!

On the 15th HFT went to the VegFest to infojam and talk to others in the community. We passed out flyers about GMO's, fluoride and more. VegFest was a vegan festival offering local vegan food, and information on cruetly free diets. Although HFT is not "officially" a vegan or vegetarian alliance, we do encourage a conscious, humane diet.

We also continue to have our weekly garden day at 9 a.m. at the Last Organic Outpost (711 Emile) Come join us and get involved in growing your own organic produce!

We also hosted a screening of the documentary "Harvest of Empire". It was very informative, covering the impacts of U.S. imperialism/colonialism on immigration. Check it out for sure.

On the 28th we held a benefit concert for the Peaceful Streets Project Houston at Walters. It was a great time. Thanks to all the bands who played and everyone who came out to support the cause. Check out the Peaceful Streets Project and get involved with holding police accountable. Look out for our next benefit for Fluoride Free Houston on July 27th.

The next day some of the group hit the streets of Montrose to infojam the LGBT Pride Parade. Thousands of Houstonians hit the streets to celebrate equality and we were there to give them dvds and info on fluoride, the police state, hft, geo-engineering and more. It was a great success.

We would like to mention that this month we received further confirmation that the Houston Police Department has been holding training sessions regarding the groups activities.

In April we  reported on leaked emails from officers speaking on the condition of anonymity detailing how the Houston Police had held at least one training session discussing the local activists. The emails claim that the instructor had a “militarized tone” towards us. The officers were forced to watch Youtube Videos while the instructor named “each & every leader of HFT. ” The email went on to warn, “they could be infiltrated by undercover officers in an attempt to garner intel. ”
Just last week an image was leaked to the group that shows HPD officers inside a classroom with the ” Houston FreeThinkers” written on screen with one of the groups videos on display.

These images came with warnings that the officers were being trained on “ways for them to deal with protestors so they (the cops )wont break the law when they go for the actual arrest.” They also said, “You guys think you know the law and how to get around certain scenarios, but trust me we know more and know how to get around YOU”. The session was apparently held to inform officers of activists who are aware of the law and how to find ways to successfully make arrests while dealing with “know it all groups”. If you want more info check this.

Despite these actions we will continue to build community, host events, build gardens, and talk about freedom. We encourage everyone to come get involved in one of our many events in the real world!

Lastly, I caught up with the Mayor a third time. Find out more about that right here.

– DB

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