Recapturing HFT Meeting 8/8/13

A warm thank you for everyone that came to the meeting last night! Success is defined by action and solutions, and we are currently working on new ideas for the next few months!

To recap on some of the topics brought up:

– The Federal Reserve was created on December 23, 1913, and this year will mark it’s 100th anniversary. We are looking to do some form of demonstration on or around this time.

– Neto & Cody will be holding another SkillShare on the topic of religion, where respectfully, we explore the basis of which people’s beliefs are founded, and have a healthy discussion/debate on their structures. It was also noted that we would like to head over to the Unity Unitarian Church for further discussion in the near future.

– The grounds on which the March Against Geo-Engineering will take place is another we’re researching. We are looking for an event to InfoJam particularly, with a small march to follow. Like the March Against Monsanto, we will have an evening of poster making and flyer prepping.

– Jade & Beth will be bringing an artistic aspect to raising awareness on chemtrails and geo-engineering, and are looking for any galleries that would be interested in hosting a photography event, displaying fine prints of various chemtrails and evidence of geo-engineering.
We are also looking to take on a creative and fun way of InfoJamming; under discussion.

-Jade is looking to form an alliance within HFT specifically for the parents and all concerned on the well being of our children in today’s society, raising them in such a way that is not being taught in schools, teaching survival techniques and core strengthening for the present day.
Such topics mentioned were to have SkillShares on peaceful parenting, sociological aspects of the modern day child in different situations/environments, and how to, as parents, handle their reactions to them.

Amanda, a seasoned teacher, will also be pairing in to bring insight to mental illness in children and how to strengthen being a loving and effective parent towards them.

Neto & Jade will also be exploring methods in which to bring to light certain philosophies brought to us by great minds, the foundations in which cultures were transpired, and delving further in to the LIBROTRAFICANTE MOVEMENT, bringing back and educating on the poetry, history of ethnic studies and literature that have been banned in Arizona.

– HFT are looking to hold different SkillShare events at the Last Organic Outpost, and as mentioned by Neto, we are looking to gather a team to upgrade certain aspects of the L.O.O. by building decks, canopies, and enhancing the children’s play area. On some Sundays, we will also have events specifically for children at this location.

– After our Lemonade Freedom InfoJam, some of us will be heading out to the Danza Azteca Taxcayolotl event, made in honor of the resistance of Tenochtitlan. Please come, bring your children, and enjoy!


– We are also looking to provide help to our neighbors in FOOD NOT BOMBS-HOUSTON, tonight and on Sunday. Please help if you can!

– Beth made mention of some interesting things look to explore further in the near future, and possibly make SkillShares of them, such as The Miami Model: how law enforcement developed current “crowd control” techniques, The Memphis Model: developed to help law enforcement trend down on using deadly force against the mentally ill. Also mentioned were The Corridor Rescue and further planning for
holistic community wellness.

HFT is about community & solutions! Please come to any or all events and lend a hand!

– Jade

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