Prominent anti-GMO activist and environmentalist sells out after being brainwashed by Frankenscientists

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is abuzz with unrelenting fervor and excitement over the recent conversion of former anti-GMO (genetically-modified organism) scientist Mark Lynas, who now openly embraces GMO technology and insists that he was wrong to oppose GMOs all these years. A self-proclaimed founder of the so-called "anti-GMO movement," Lynas now claims that a thorough examination of "science" woke him up to a new reality in which GMOs are no longer an evil product of the money-grubbing biotechnology industry, and are instead the answer to virtually all of mankind's food and environmental problems.

This sudden and almost schizophrenic shift in opinion by Lynas is being embraced with open arms by media groups of all political persuasions, including both the neoconservative magazine National Review and the traditionally "liberal" New York Times (NYT), as well as everything in between. This is hardly surprising, of course, as most of these news sources are directly funded by the likes of both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, which just so happen to control large segments of the American media machine.

Lynas' conversion hinged on his indoctrination into pro-GMO propaganda

So what exactly persuaded Lynas to make such a dramatic change? In a speech he recently gave at the Oxford Farming Conference in the U.K., Lynas explained that he "discovered science," which undid many years' worth of "false" beliefs he had about the nature of GMOs. One of the first examples Lynas gave as a supposed scientific revelation; however, was his discovery that GMOs do not require the increased use of pesticides, a claim also made by the biotechnology industry, but one that does not actually hold water scientifically or factually by any stretch of the imagination.

As it turns out, GMOs do require more pesticides and herbicides than conventional crops, despite what the GMO industry and its media lackeys portend. A 16-year study on crop chemical use that was published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Sciences Europe back in 2012, for instance, found that the introduction of GMOs into the food supply has led to a drastic increase in the amount of herbicide chemicals used on crops. According to the data, total herbicide use has increased by a whopping 527 million pounds since 1996 when GMOs were first introduced. (

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