Prepare for Financial Armageddon

What is the logic behind the decision to add millions of immigrants to the already failing states making up the United States of America?

by Avalon

It’s no secret that most of the individual states are financially struggling and even on the verge of bankruptcy. It’s also no secret that the incredible influx of immigrants adds to an already oversupply of workers in a weak economy.

So what could be the reason behind the Obama administrations new push for Immigration Reform? The only conclusion one can draw is that in fact, there is an Agenda to bring down the United States. This not so secret agenda is all over the alternative media as most of us know.

Here is a list of mainstream articles that were just posted that signal the latest coordinated mainstream media propaganda triggered by the Obama administration.  There’s not a dissenting voice among all the media reports that you see here. The question is, has the mainstream media been so compromised that they aren’t willing to scrutinize one of the most obviously destructive decisions in awhile? The answer to that question is Yes. The mainstream media is part of the control grid now in place to manipulate the public in acquiescing to whatever is on the agenda – can anyone say ‘Sandy Hook’?

The issue is not whether the US should allow people into the United States to become citizens. The real issue is the already failing states and the impact that adding potentially millions to an already failing economy – that’s the issue. One cannot actually believe that Immigration Makes Us Stronger, unless they were actually drinking the cool-aid.

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