“Police, Drones and Peace” No War Syria Rally- Houston Coverage

Mickey Beaves 8:15 (ct)

As the situation in Syria escalates and the talk of US military intervention grows, a group of about 100 people gathered at the corner of Post Oak and Westheimer in Houston, Texas in opposition to such an intervention with signs, flags, chants and songs. Among the group were many Syrian born Americans, Houston Free Thinkers, Occupy Houston members, members of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Revolution Communists, anarchists, mothers, fathers, children and many more. This rally brought together people from all walks of life and all across the political spectrum, as well some Houstonians who didn’t have the same view on the situation, or did they?

Prior to arriving at the event, I was informed of “counter-protesters” who, from what I understood, wanted US intervention to stop Assad and his alleged use of chemical weapons. This was then at the time, confirmed to me when police escorted me from one side of the street to the other, as I was told that the police were dividing the march for “public safety”. The police referred to the their side as pro-war and our side as anti-war. Now I can go on and on about the police already, but I will keep it short. The fact that the police divided free citizens from being able to communicate with one another is something that should weigh on us all. They want us to believe that safety out weighs our right to communicate with our fellow brothers and sisters in such important times.

Now this all comes into play because as mentioned, I thought the sides were simply divided, for war and against war, however the pro-intervention side continued to bullhorn our side saying they are with us and agreed with us. This information was also backed up when a young man, who spoke with the “anti-war” side, came over to inform us that they stood with us in our push for peace. Now also keep in mind the signs held by these folks contained rhetoric that went along with US intervention. So here we have two sides, claiming to be on the same side, but using different rhetoric and yet they cannot speak to one another and seek common ground, due to badges and guns. A situation that I believe should be addressed, as well as this Syrian intervention.

We also encountered an arial drone at the rally. It is unclear who the drone belonged to at this time, but it is clear that the police were infatuated with the device and kept mentioning how neat they were and how they wanted one. The drone flew above protesters on both sides and the people were not happy with it’s presence as it hovered overhead. Click here for the link with footage of the drone and other parts of the rally.

As far as the rally went overall, it was peaceful with no arrests, many cars honked in support and thousands of Houstonians saw the messages being presented by the activists. One participant, Jessica Robinson, meditated for peace in the blistering, Texas heat, while others sang songs and others joined in on chants such as “1,2,3,4, we don’t want Obama’s war!” Rally members used a temporary, concrete soapbox to express why they had come to the gathering and voices were also heard as many local mainstream media outlets were present interviewing participants on why they had attended. Many attendees mentioned how the ant-intervention actions could not stop as the war decision is passed to Congress, as the Constitution calls for. Meaning this movement is not going away anytime soon. The push for peace will continue and we will do our best to give you the most recent coverage we can.

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