Petrobras Oil Spill Reaches Sao Paulo Beaches in Brazil


Fluids from a terminal operated by state-controlled oil giant Petrobras have reached several beaches in Sao Paulo state, forcing authorities to close off the area, Brazilian officials said.

The spill of unspecified petroleum derivatives, whose size is not known, occurred on Friday afternoon at the Almirante Barroso Terminal, or Tebar, in the city of Sao Sebastiao.

The municipal environmental agency asked citizens to stay away from nine area beaches, the city government said.

Officials are still trying to determine the extent of the spill, which appears to be large, Sao Sebastiao Environmental Secretary Eduardo Hipolito do Rego said in a statement.

“We do not know yet if it is crude, but we can confirm that it is a petroleum derivative. The spill is of large proportions, so much so that it affected several beaches. We cannot rule out that the product will spread to neighboring cities,” the environmental official said.

Transpetro, a Petrobras subsidiary, confirmed Saturday afternoon that a fuel spill occurred at Tebar, a marine terminal that handles nearly 55 percent of the petroleum consumed in Brazil, the Sao Sebastiao city government said.


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