November! #MAMSM, Federal Reserve Anniversary, Garden Building!



Hey Friends! Thanks for popping in to see what is taking place in the world of the Houston Free Thinkers! September and October flew by! We had plenty of action including marches against the War in Syria, and Marches Against Monsanto. October also brought the 6th edition of The Houston Free Thinkers festival, For The Community! Look out for For The Community 7! in late February.

Now that we have made it to November, the weather has finally cooled down and that means we can plant greens at the garden! Houston has an extra long growing season because of our lack of extreme cold. We have begun the process of weeding and rebuilding some of our beds that have been unattended the past couple months. We are planning another Garden Day for planting on Sunday the 17th at 10 am at the Last Organic Outpost (711 Emile). Generally, different volunteers from #HFT are at the garden every Sunday around 10 am to get some work done. It is a great opportunity to learn about growing food and get involved with your diet.

November has also brought another Global March. This is one aims to focus the attention onto the so called “mainstream media” in an attempt to break through the mass propaganda and disinformation that we face on a daily basis. The March takes place at 1 pm on Saturday November 16th at the Fox 26 Studios. Check out the Houston event here and the March Against Mainstream Media website for more info.

We are also holding two screenings this month at the Free Thinker House (2620 Truxillo). We will be screening Agora on Monday the 11th at 6 pm. We will also be screening Shade: the Motion Picture on Monday the 24th at 7:30. You can find both those events on the HFT calendar. We enjoy screening a variety of movies on varying topics. If you have suggestions, please contact us!

We are also working on multiple skillshares for this month. We are talking with community members on holding classes on homemade tooth powder preparation, nutrition, wood working, poker and more! We hope you will reach out to us about your ideas.

In other street action, we have the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 being marked this November 22nd by another round of national actions. Activists from around the nation will gather and spread awareness on the slavery that is the debt on the American dollar that is footed by the American tax payer. We are planning to be at the Houston Federal Reserve off Allen Parkway from 4-6 pm on Friday the 22nd. We will hold signs, pass out flyers and talk to people about our solution, the Houston Exchange Network (HEN). The HEN is a forum for connecting community members with artisans, businesses, and individuals who have a product or service to offer and are willing to accept barter, alternative currencies and more. We are working on taking this idea from the internet to a physical marketplace by early 2014. Stay tuned for that.

After the Fed action come join us for another night of music and community! We are holding our next benefit show, Free The Minds 2!, on the 22nd at 9 pm. The cover charge is $6 and will benefit the Houston Free Thinkers and EcoTone World We have 5 amazing artists playing that night including Houston’s best electronic act FLCON FCKER. Be sure to come out and have a good night supporting local music and the community!

Along with all these community activities we are continuing to add contributors to the website so we can offer you a variety of ideas and opinions! We are also broadcasting Free Thinker Radio every Tuesday night at 6 pm Central on Local Live Houston. Micah and I work to bring you the most important local, national and global news and of course solutions. Check it out.

November is the perfect time to get involved! We are going to stay busy working within the community to achieve positive change and we hope you will join us!

– Derrick Broze

The Houston Free Thinkers

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