National Guard Rapid Reaction Force Civil Unrest Training Photos

July 3, 2013 in Headline

The following photos depict soldiers from the 252nd Combined

Arms Battalion training in June for their role as a “rapid reaction

force” capable of responding anywhere in the state of

North Carolina within “four to eight hours with additional forces

arriving within 24 to 36 hours.”  The same unit trained in March

to respond “to an emergency ahead of federal assets by providing

site security, establishing roadblocks or checkpoints, and assisting

civilian authorities in controlling civil disturbances.”

   The exercises depicted below were held from June 10-14 at an

abandoned shopping mall and a water treatment facility in


  Soldiers trained to suppress protesters who perform a sit-in as

part of a fictional group called “The Pink Panthers.”  According

to the North Carolina National Guard, the exercise at the water

treatment facility tests soldiers’ “ability to use nonlethal force to

disperse a crowd of aggressors.”  Photos of the exercise show

soldiers operating from Be On the Look Out (BOLO) notices with the

identities of specific individuals in the crowd, listed as “AIN Members,”

that are to be targeted for arrest.

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