Mumia Abu Jamal, Moved to ICU

Mumia Abu-JamalBy JadeTheCreator:

Imprisoned journalist and former Black Panther has been rushed to Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Claims state Jamal was suffering from a severe case of Eczema that was improperly treated in his prison unit, and underwent diabetic shock. Details have yet to be released, and the prison has restricted visitation.

Wadiya Jamal, Mumia’s wife, was not notified of any complications, nor of his transfer to Schuykill Medical Center. Johanna Fernandez, an Abu-Jamal supporter and history professor at Baruch College, stated that she went to SCI/Mahanoy to visit, and was told she could not see him. The guard on duty then informed her that he was in the hospital, in which family were never notified.

Fernandez says, “The situation Mumia was in, was a near-death experience; So we want to know: How is it that the prison system allowed this condition to deteriorate in such a way?”

With two guards inside and two more outside of his room, Mrs. Jamal was able to see him all for 30 minutes, where she states he was shackled to his chair and fed him ice chips.

According to Mumia, he never knew he was a diabetic until he was rushed into the ICU. As stated by his lawyer Bret Grote, he has been stabilized, but is considered to be still very sick.



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