Live Free, Think Free (9/22/22): The Era of the Bioeconomy Has Arrived

Micah and Derrick are back for this episode of Live Free, Think Free, your home for uncensored news and underground music since 2011. Topic include: social media censorship lawsuits, COVID19 boosters, the bioeconomy, and much more.


Social Media-Gov collusion
Judge orders Fauci and WH Press Secretary to hand over records related to online censorship pressure

Court Rules Against Social Media Companies in Free Speech Censorship Fight

Dr. Fauci suggests sometimes you have to do something ‘draconian’ to combat viruses (

FDA Vaccine Chief Says “Updated” COVID-19 mRNA Injections Will Be Available for Young Children in the Coming Weeks

Biden Executive Order on BioEconomy

Banks laugh at the American people

USDA to spend $500 million extending high-speed internet to rural America • Missouri Independent

Federal Reserve raises key interest rate by 0.75% in inflation fight (

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