Live Free – Think Free (8/25/22): Is the Mainstream Waking Up to COVID19 Truth?

Derrick and Micah are back for another episode of Live Free, Think Free on 90.1 KPFT and The Conscious Resistance Network. Live Free, Think Free is your home for uncensored news and underground music.


Houston City Council approves 18.6 million for homeless housing

Houston residents urging city council to withhold money to group seeking millions to build new complex (

First Harris County Jail inmate tests positive for monkeypox, sheriff says (

HISD school police to have hundreds more rifles, shields after board approves $2.3 million in equipment (

Trump getting the blame for “rushed” COVID vaccine

Leanna Wen Now AGAINST Masks, backlash

I’m a doctor. Here’s why my kids won’t wear masks this school year.

The Cancellation of Leana Wen by WSJ /public-health-backlash-dr-leana-wen-talk-backlash

Justice Delayed Investigation into Mormon Church

Markets Should Prepare for Persistent Inflation and Continued Rate Hikes (

U.N. official: World food shortage going from ‘bad to worse’ [Video] (

Bill Gates Likely Saw Food Shortages Coming Years Ago — Why His Land Accumulation Feels Calculated (

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