Live Free, Think Free (11/17/22): The People Are the Last Defense Against Tyranny

Micah Jackson and Derrick Broze are back for another episode of Live Free, Think Free on 90.1 KPFT and The Conscious Resistance Network. Tonight the guys are talking police corruption, lead in the Houston water, confronting war criminals, and much more!


I Confronted Former CIA Director John Brennan. Here’s Why

Houston Prosecutors Keeping Seized Cash From Cases Compromised by Police Corruption (

Houston ISD to install filtered water stations to reduce risk of lead poisoning in students – Houston Public Media

After a Two Year Delay, Federal Judge Says Fluoride Lawsuit May Continue

‘Too Many Unknown Factors’: California Lawmakers Object to Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes

Reverse Transcription—Permanent Installation of mRNA Genetic Code (

Canada will soon allow medically assisted dying for mental illness. Has there been enough time to get it right?

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