Live Free, Think Free (10/12/22): How the WEF Local Infiltration Works

Micah Jackson and Derrick Broze are back for another episode of Live Free, Think Free, your home for uncensored news and underground music! This week the guys are talking about the World Economic Forum’s recent gathering in Houston and international gatherings held by the WEF. They also talk about geofencing warrants, Ben Bernanke receiving a Nobel Prize, and Twitter censorship of doctors.


WEF Sponsored meeting in Houston “Houston Meeting Seeking to Accelerate Decarbonization, Job Creation and Competitiveness with Industrial Clusters”

WEF Infiltrator Programs:

Round Table Groups:

The Greater Reset 4: Co- Creation:

Biden’s 99 Executive Orders Cost $1.5 Trillion | RealClearPolicy

Twitter blocks — and then restores — Covid-19 vaccination post from Florida’s surgeon general – POLITICO
Twitter Censors FL Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo Then Backtracks After Public Backlash – The HighWire

First Court in California Suppresses Evidence from Overbroad Geofence Warrant

The Nobel Criminals: Ben Bernanke And Two Others Win Nobel Prize In Economics For Crisis Research – The Burning Platform

The Best Fall and Winter Vegetables to Plant in Houston – Plants for All Seasons | Since 1973
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