Kerry’s laughable remarks in Beijing

By RT –

US Secretary of State John Kerry delivered remarks both laughable and frightening after meeting with Chinese officials in Beijing on Friday.

Regarding China’s maritime territory disputes with its Asian neighbors, Kerry asked that China implement “a calmer, more rule-of-law based, less confrontational regime.”

The Chinese leaders doubtless laughed behind the curtains at this comment. For the US state, which has unilaterally attacked and occupied two other nations which never attacked it in the past 10 years, is the last state on Earth to advise anyone on a ‘calmer, rule-of-law based’ way to resolve international disputes.

Another laughing point was Kerry’s call for China to settle its disputes over islands and sea areas according to the International Law of the Sea. The US government itself has refused to ratify this treaty!

The frightening aspect of Kerry’s remarks is their thinly-masked support for the US-backed newly aggressive claims by Japan, the Philippines, and some other Asian nations to islands and sea areas also claimed by China. The US has, in fact, recently promised military assistance to both Japan and the Philippines in case of armed conflict with China over ownership of islands or sea areas. This military assistance encourages the aggressive and nationalistic attempts by Japan and the Philippines to shortcut needed negotiations with China for a peaceful settlement of the conflicting maritime claims.

The real agenda of the US ruling elites is not to bring peaceful settlements to the South China Sea maritime issues. It is to promote conflicts between China and the other claimants to maritime areas, and to thereby embroil China in difficulties, blunt the rise of China, dominate the region economically and militarily, and undermine and if possible destroy the Chinese state in its present form.

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