Insurgent Moves of Art; Small Town Pushes Change and Houston Lends A Hand

10686736_350400155137036_8441946766273387364_nBy: JadeTheCreator

Throughout the history of relation, art has been used to serve the purpose of delivering messages by artists from times that range from racial pressure to economic collapses and expressionistic repression.
One branch of art that has survived, and still considered to be an outlaw style, is graffiti. It riddles the most dangerous heights, the tallest walls and in the corners of places you might not see until you’ve passed the color formations. We as people take the gander to guess the words, configure the styling, and study the artist’s practiced use of lines and color.
For many, this is an esteemed and valuable form, as it is a risky developement with laws riding against it; even if it’s done legally with the owner’s permission.
For the artist, it is more than the word “Defacing”. The wall becomes a bigger canvas than many can afford, the colors are ultimate expressions with varying paint textures, the name or character becomes the very message the artist chooses to convey as their attempt to communicate with their community on a vast scale without actually speaking face to face. The town’s corners draw breath into areas that older eyes could not have imagined. We begin to see and live life in color, simply by accepting it as art.
The world is looking at revolution reanimated through the arts, and graffiti is no exception with it’s world wide acknowledgement and approval. Where we once protested and challenged standard, the artists look for innovative ways in which they can do the same thing.

Local and long time artists in our sister town, Victoria, TX, are choosing to bring light to this and other forms of art to identify the small town’s conservative approach and what the community is choosing to do about it; which will all be captured for the upcoming film “NO CULTURE ALLOWED”, by Jake Ramirez. (!/nocultureallowed?fref=ts) He states, “I feel really excited about it what is going to happen in a matter of days now is revolutionary and it started years ago with Anthony Pedone and now we are making a really solid push…”

Pedone states, “When everybody clears out, people will talk about how we’re bringing life;  Put back in what you take out…”

Some Victorian officials can be found in favor of this effort, yet there is still a lot of work to be done, to bring a more creative Victoria to commonality.

From September 29th – October 6th, the “Back to Back” event will feature a profusion amount of artists ranging from Berlin, Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, San Antonio, and Houston. GONZO247 of Aerosol Warfare, SKEEZ181, Nicky Davis, Kween Look, CreaTor, Flip Oner Ask, and others will be taking part in this small town’s history, decorating buildings that include the Boys and Girls Club, and Wholesale Tire wall, and an entire Wells Fargo drive thru bank that is empty and scheduled for demolition in a year or two.
Among these artistic endeavors, you can catch some great Victoria local bands and acts; to mention a few, Vincent’s Betrayal, Skrypture, Apek, Joe Reyna, as well as take part in skateboarding, live poetry sets by PW Covington, James Nelson and Kim R. Pickens, and see various film projects in the works.

So if you are from Houston or surrounding areas, please be sure to check out the event page, as well as the film page for NO CULTURE ALLOWED, to which this event transpired.!/events/271244116406397/?fref=ts!/nocultureallowed?fref=ts



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