How to submit an article

To submit an article to you would first need to log into the account via the log in form on the front of the site. Since you’re able to read this article, I’m assuming that you’ve at least gotten this far. 

When submitting an article, there are few things to be sure to include and also a few things to double check.

  • When copying an article from another website, always give credit, in the form of a link, to where you originally found the article. To do this, you may write “re-posted from ____” To make a short link, you can just put the name of the website, highlight it with the cursor, then click the button above the text editor that looks like a chain-link. This will then generate a popup where you can post the long version of the URL.
  • Please re-size any images in the article so that they are not too large. When they are too large they mess up the formatting of the site. If you’ve ever seen this happen before, you’ll notice that the logos and links on the right column of the page may be moved when there is a giant photograph in an article. Please re-size to an appropriate size. 
  • It’s not required, but it would be preferred that you not copy images from other sites. This leeches bandwidth from other sources where we get our news. Every time our page loads, it has to pull the image from the server of the original site, and if that server is slow then it makes slow as well. Instead, please try to upload the image to our server using these steps: 
    1. Right click on the image in the original article and pick “save image as…” to save the image on your computer.
    2. Access HFT’s submit article page and click  the “image” link under the main text box
    3. In the pop-up box, navigate to /article-pics folder and pick the month/year folder for the time you’re submitting the article
    4. Click the “Browse” button and pick the picture that you just saved to your computer from the original article.
    5. Click “Insert Image” and re-size image as necessary. 
  • Sometimes when you copy text directly from another website and paste it into an article here, you’ll notice the formatting of the text may look kind of odd. If this happens, please copy all of the text then paste it into notepad or another simple text editor on your computer and then copy the text again from the notepad and paste into the article submission form on this website.
  • If the article is longer than 4-5 paragraphs, or those are really long paragraphs. Place the cursor about this far into the article and click the “read more” link under the submission box. This will shorten the article from the list view and give an option to view just the entire article.
  • Last, but not least, PLEASE remember to pick the category from the drop down menu where this article should appear and add the meta data. For the “META DESCRIPTION” copy the first paragraph or two. For the “META KEYWORDS” please list at lest 3-5 different keywords that describe the article.

By following this guide it will save a lot of work for the site administrators from going and re-sizing and editing submitted articles and keep the presentation uniform.

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