How the CIA set a terrorist up with ‘groupie’ for marriage — and death

NY Post

In September 2009, Morten Storm, a young Danish national-turned-Islamic jihadist, flew to Yemen to visit an old friend — Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born terrorist leading al Qaeda in Yemen.

Awlaki had been released from prison two years prior. He had served an 18-month sentence on ambiguous charges. After his release, Awlaki went underground.

He soon sent Storm an email. “Come to Yemen,” it read. “I need to see you.”

As a UK resident with a Yemeni wife, Storm was highly valuable to Awlaki. And for Storm, the attention of one of jihad’s most powerful leaders was thrilling.

Storm and his wife flew to Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, and were met by a ragtag bunch of young radicals with AK-47s. They drove a Toyota Land Cruiser and took Storm and his wife deep into al Qaeda territory.

Storm found one stressed-out terrorist.

“The Americans want me dead,” Awlaki said. “They are putting pressure on the [Yemeni] government all the time.”

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