Houston Mayor Questioned on Homeless Feeding Ordinance and Water Fluoridation

This past Saturday Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker officially launched her re-election campaign at an event that was pitched as a grassroots effort. The Houston Free Thinkers decided to ask the Mayor some tough questions.

by Derrick Broze

Mayor Parker took the opportunity to call on her supporters to launch a stronger than ever effort to ensure she will remain Mayor for one more final term. Speaking to a crowd of about 100 Houstonians Parker said she needs “a little more time” to complete her goals.

I took this opportunity to question the Mayor on her opposition to several genuine grassroots efforts taking place in the city of Houston. In the following video I ask the Mayor why she chose to stand against efforts by grassroots activists to oppose a feeding ordinance passed last year by Houston’s City council. It requires any person or group feeding more than five homeless people to first obtain permission from whoever owns the property where the food is served. It also requires permission from the city government before serving food in city parks.

After the ordinance passed, one of the largest coalitions ever seen in the city of Houston was formed. The coalition was made up of over 70 groups including Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Green Party, Food Not Bombs, The Houston Free Thinkers, and many more. 34,000 signatures were collected opposing the food sharing ordinance and presented to City Council. Mayor Annise Parker told the group it would take two weeks for the city secretary to verify the signatures therefore; the item would not make it in time for the November 2012 ballot.


As you can see in the video I also questioned the Mayor on her unwavering support for water fluoridation and following the recommendations of the Center For Disease Control. The group Fluoride Free Houston has been fighting hard to bring this issue to the forefront of Houston’s health debate since Summer 2012. As the Mayor makes it clear in the video, she has no interest in ending water fluoridation. She also makes it painfully clear how ignorant she is on the topic.

For those curious as to why I am following the Mayor around the city of Houston please understand the efforts I have taken before this point. I have attended City Council meeting after City Council meeting only to be ignored by the Mayor regarding the Homeless Feeding Ordinance. I have been told my time to speak is over when I attempt to discuss Fluoride Free Houston. Despite having the support of Council Members Jack Christie and Helena Brown, Fluoride Free Houston’s warnings go unheeded by the Mayor.

This is not the first time I have had the opportunity to question the Mayor on the legitimacy of adding a known toxin, hydrofluorsilic acid, into Houston’s water supply at a cost of $5 million to taxpayers. Last November the Mayor was participating in a “Walk the Vote” event and I took this opportunity to question her.


If you live in the City of Houston and support freedom, whether it be freedom to share food, or to decide what is added to the City water, please do your research on Mayor Annise Parker. Just as many good people were duped into believing change would come because the country finally elected an African American President, many Houstonians falsely believed that electing Houston’s first openly Lesbian Mayor would bring progressive change.

As many have come to realize, no matter what a person’s background, skin color, or sexual orientation, if they are not deeply rooted in their principles, then freedom will likely be a casualty.Tyranny takes place on the federal level, as well as the State and local. Whether you are in Houston or not, please continue to research these important topics.

As for me, Mayor Parker and I are going to spend the next four months getting to know each other a lot better.


Derrick Broze is a founding member of The Houston Free Thinkers.

He writes for IntelliHub.com a popular independent news website.

He can be heard on Orion Talk Radio, Local Live Houston and the upcoming Unbound Radio.

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