Houston Free Thinkers November 2015

Happy November everyone!

Another month is upon is and we are ready to be active across the city of Houston! Please check out our notes from the November monthly meeting. We met on Monday November 9th, but we typically meet on Thursday evenings. The next meeting is Thursday December 10th at the Midtown Bar and Grill.

We hope to see you guys there and want to thank everyone who continues to play a role in this community!

– The Houston Free Thinkers

November Meeting Notes


Community Garden projects – We took a moment to discuss opportunities to get involved with urban farming and gardening projects at the Last Organic Outpost. HFT has maintained a presence since 2012 but it has been a while since we had a large group of people involved. Even though the weather is starting to get chilly there is still much to do at the garden! Follow their fb page for events or stop by on Saturday afternoons for Pizza Saturdays! The LOO is located at 711 Emile st.

P.S. – check out this article about the LOO from the Houston Chronicle!

Documentary Screenings – Every month we host documentary screenings of topics we are concerned with or want to learn more about. The group discussed the idea of screening more films related to American Indian struggles since it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. In the past we have screened Trudell, and A Good Day to Die, both about indigenous struggles in America. We will likely screen Incident at Oglala, or another documentary that covers the history of colonialism.

Infojams/Outreach – We also like to hit the streets with info on important topics. This month we will set up a date to hit the streets around Thanksgiving to talk to people about colonialism and the devastating treatment of native communities that still continues.

Fluoride Free Houston – Some of the group is also involved in the efforts to end water fluoridation. We discussed strategies for FFH moving forward. We want to get a list of all the newly elected city council members and start talking to them about the issue. We also need to talk to the city secretary to find out exactly when the City of Houston’s contract with Mosaic Co. will be up for renewal. If you use facebook and want to get involved join this group.

North Houston Free Thinkers – Over the last year we have noticed a growing amount of interest in our activities coming from the North side of Houston, namely the suburbs of Spring, Cypress, and Tomball. Now we have some members of the community who are going to start regularly hosting events on the north side of town. This will include documentary screenings, infojams, and meetings. More details will be coming throughout this month so stay tuned to the HFT facebook for more info.

Freedom Cells – Another idea that has been discussed in our community for the last several months is something known as freedom cells, or affinity groups. This idea involves taking 8 to 10 people and starting to organize and complete tasks as a group. As time passes each individual can start their own freedom cells, and on and on. The main goal of this, besides having more effective ways to organize, is to help the people provide themselves with structures for mutual aid and cooperation that are not reliant on the government or the corporate partners. We are looking for people who are interested in getting involved! If you want to know more about this idea we recommend this interview! (freedom cells talk starts at 19:50)

SOUPER Houston – SOUPER Houston is a community dinner that helps fund local projects through the use of crowdfunding micro-financing. What does that mean? It means you pay $5 and get to hear 4 presentations on community projects, jam some music, eat some soup, and VOTE for your favorite project. Whoever has the most votes wins the money and is able to get their project started! Come to the Last Organic Outpost on Friday November 13 at 7 pm to take part in the fun! Check out this article from the Houston Chronicle on SOUPER!

For the Community 10! Festival – Lastly, we are super excited for our upcoming music, arts, and activism festival, For the Community! This is our 4-year anniversary, and 10th edition of the fest and we want you to be involved! We need volunteer help to make the show run amazing! If you are interested please contact us! Even if you cannot help please come out and experience music, art, local food and vendors, and new ideas! You will not be disappointed!

BONUS: Later this month our friend JJ is hosting a meetup called “Cypherpunk culture and Blockchain Technologies Education” for those who are interested in the concepts of Cryptoanarchy, strong encryption, Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies! The Meetup is geared towards NEWCOMERS that want to learn about encryption and the whole ideology behind the decentralization/Bitcoin movement.

Thanks for being involved! See you in the streets!


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