Houston Cancer Doctor Burzynski Receives Warning from the FDA

The liberty Beat

By: Derrick Broze

On Wednesday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted letters online accusing Houston based doctor Stanislaw Burzynski of exaggerating the success rates of his experimental treatment known as antineoplastons, as well as failing to report side effects of the treatment. Burzynski has been practicing at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston since 1976. In 1997 Burzynski plead innocent to a 75 count indictment including charges of mail fraud and violating the FDA’s regulations. The trials ended in a hung jury and acquittal. According to the National Cancer Institute the clinic has never produced results in a published study. Burzynski has been able to practice under the auspices of an FDA clinical trial since 1997 until last year when a 6 year old boy died. Burzynski has fifteen days to respond the FDA warning.


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