SXSW Update

The Houston Free Thinkers had a busy past week. Here is what you can expect to see this next week.

On Monday morning (tomorrow), the attempted citizens arrest of Henry Kissinger will be released. This past Thursday, Kissinger was a guest at the Houston Asia Society of Texas where they held a conversation with the 'distinguished guest' we call a war criminal (see our video), we will let you decide; and where we tried to hold the man accountable for his words and actions. Stay tuned.

And not sure of the dates yet, but we will be releasing our coverage of HFT @SXSW '13 in Austin, Texas, where we did street interviews asking folks (and vampires and Optimus Prime) "What Does Freedom Mean to You?" and similar questions, info jammed on many important topics such as the growing police state, Fluoride, Geo-engineering, Peaceful Streets Project and more; we joined the 'Million Musicians March for Peace' and got exclusive footage and interviews with some amazing musical acts! Some of which include The Violin Monster, Devil Killing Moth, Megz Kelli & Dougie Do – Magna Carda, and much more!

Keep up with this website, our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel for updates and the videos.

Cody 'Mickey Beaves" Adams
Live Free. Think Free.

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