HFT Returning in September 2016!

Hello friends!

The HFT community has been taking a break since May to regroup, rethink our goals, and to allow for Summer vacation time! We are in the process of getting another Free Thinker House in the downtown Houston area. This will allow us to host more personal meetings, documentary screenings, workshops, skillshares, and more!

In September we also plan to begin meeting again. We are not sure if we will return to monthly meetings or just as they are needed. Either way, the Houston Free Thinkers community is not done by any means! We will be hosting a six year anniversary potluck dinner once we are settled into the new community space.

Until then, please tune in to Free Thinker Radio every Monday from 3-5 Central on 90.1 KPFT Houston on the HD3 dial! We cover local events, news, interviews with important guests, and music from Houston! It’s the best way to stay plugged in to what we are doing!

Thanks to everyone who has supported our efforts over the last few years. It means more than you can possibly imagine! Together we can create a new era for the HFT and Houston activism. Stay safe out there and we will see you soon!

– The Houston Free Thinkers

P.S. – to learn more about a concept we have been working on see this website! Thanks

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