#HFT Questions Houston Mayor for the 3rd time

Just last week I was able to question the Mayor of Houston for a third time. I have previously asked the mayor about water fluoridation as you can see below. This time we thought it would be better to question her on a few different topics. I asked for her opinion regarding two resolutions passed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors  dealing with Marijuana laws and gun rights. I also asked her about the murder of Brian Claunch by Houston Police Department officer Matthew Marin. Lastly, as the Mayor ran away I asked her about HPD monitoring our group.


The Mayor is currently running a "grassroots" re-election campaign. This November voters will decide who gets to run the 3rd largest city in the country. As an arm of the alternative/independent media we see it as our job to get out there and ask tough questions that the media and the Mayor's supporters will not ask. The goal is to inform voters of the true nature of the people the hand their power over to. WE hope you find them informative and worth sharing with your friends and family.




– DB

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