Happy Monday! (Plarn Skillshare Tonight!)

Hello HFT Family! :)

We had a busy week in ATX for SXSW! We handed out hundreds of flyers and talked to people about Fluoride, Peaceful Streets Project, Geo-Engineering, and just the overall opression from the state en general! Cody got some really great footage and interviews so be on the lookout for those in the next couple of weeks and in the meantime…ask yourself, what does freedom mean to you?!

Freedom to me is being able to express yourself in every moment. Freedom is living free of fear. Freedom is dancing! Freedom is learning to be self-sufficient so that the ineptness of the state has no effect on my life.

On that last note, I will be teaching a skillshare tonight at the Free Thinker House (2409 Blodgett) on how to make and crochet with Plarn (plastic yarn). Plarn is very durable and crocheting is a very useful skill to have. You can make yourself just about anything you can think of, such as re-useable grocery bags, rugs, smoozies (protective cases), plushy pals, decorative chains, as well as more intricate hyperbolic geometric shapes such as the coral reefs that the Institute for Figuring creates! Check them out through this link! >>>

Aside from the free expression that crocheting provides, there is also the tremendous impact on the environment that is a by-product of the wreckless abuse of plastic today. By transforming the plastic into plarn, we turn what once had only a few functions into a limitless tool!

Hope to see you tonight! :)


Here are some (not so) fun plastic facts:

* Only 0.6% of all plastic bags are recycled thus leading to massive environmental issues (Worldwatch Institute 2004 report).

* Over 1m birds and sea creatures die each year from entanglement or consumption of plastic. Plastic bags are not the only culprit but also plastic bottles, caps, and other containers discarded (IWMA).

* Over 86% of all ocean waste collected is plastic (IWMA).

* Studies on 600 fulmar birds found 95% of them had plastic bags in their stomachs (Save the North Sea Project)

* Plastic takes over 500 years to photodegrade (degrade via use of sunlight) into small plastic polymers. Biodegradable bags take 1 -4 months (IWMA).

* 2004 English scientists report microscopic plastic polymers now found in plankton (Science Magazine).

* California uses over 19 billion plastic bags per year, that over 552 bags per person, generating over 147,000 tonnes of waste – enough to stretch around the world 250 times (Cascadia Consulting – Canada).

* Worldwide between 500m – 1 trillion bags are used each year with China alone using over 3 billion bags each day (Natural Environment).

* Paper bags typically have 40-50% recycled content and while 58% of Americans prefer to use paper, over 80% still use plastic (IWMA)



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