Govt. to spend 750K Training ‘High-Risk’ Inmates in Technology

By Melanie Hunter

( – The Justice Department is planning to spend $750,000 to train “medium to high-risk” incarcerated adults and juveniles in the technology field. According to the grant solicitation, “the target population must include medium to high-risk offenders as identified using a validated assessment tool. ‘High-risk offenders’ are defined as individuals that score moderate to high risk based on a validated risk assessment tool.” “‘Risk’ is defined as the likelihood that a person will re-offend upon release from a facility. Applicants must identify the validated assessment tool used and the risk levels eligible for participation in the program,” it added. Examples of technology-based fields are: computer-assisted design in engineering and construction, information technology development and design, ‘green technology’-related projects, wireless and broadband deployment, computer science and programming, and engineering technology fields. The program will be funded under the Second Chance Act of 2007 to “help ensure that the transition individuals make from prison and jail to the community is successful and promotes public safety.” According to the Bureau of Justice Assistance, inmates will not have access to sensitive materials, but it told that it is “certainly possible” that “white collar” offenders will take part in the program. –

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