Google Glasses will allow you to know a person’s history just by looking at them


Update: Find out about the glasses yourself HERE

Derrick Broze

 Technology increases at an exponential rate daily. The internet has allowed for the melding of minds and resulted in new, more efficient ways for even the average person to create in ways previously unheard of. Often, technological improvements create privacy concerns, as with an upcoming project from Google known as Google Glasses.

 Google Glasses operate under the premise of Augmented Reality. AR means that a device, in this case a pair of glasses, will highlight your surroundings with information that may be of use to you. For example, if you were to connect your Google account to these glasses everywhere you looked would offer information about the businesses and people around you.

Using your search history, and "likes" the glasses could offer you instaneous deals on clothes when you walk in to a store, or tell you the name and interests of the waitress at the restaurant.

According to Google, "A small screen sits on the right-size of the right lens, along with a camera, microphone and speakers, meaning, potentially, that the user could point the camera at, say, subway passengers and use facial recognition software to inform them of their name, occupation."

 This technology is expected to be in the hands of developers this fall. It is inevitable that companies will make use of AR for video games, marketing ploys, and other mundane activities. But what does this mean for privacy and how will the Military Industrial Corporate State use it?

 Last year it was reported that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was working on Augmented Reality contact lenses. DARPA is known for being the branch of the military where dangerous tech projects are worked on. In the age of surveillance, wifi, mesh networks, cameras attached to everything, and wire tapping, does privacy even exist?

 Are there positive uses for AR? Can we find a way to advance our species, and our communities? Or will these devices be left in the hands of the power elite and only be used to subjucate and distract the masses?

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