Friday Night News: Episode 0

Tonight, myself and Micah Jackson played the role of anchors for the upcoming Houston Free Thinkers weekly news program. It was a lot of fun, and a challenge for both of us as we had never been news anchors before. We discussed the basic structure of the soon to be weekly show, the various segments we would be running and discussing. The main ones include the Peaceful Streets Project-Houston, The Conscious Report with Derrick Broze, 60 Second Solutions, The Health and Wellness Report, and You the Viewer, where we will take a popular comment from one of our social network collectives and show it on our weekly show to discuss and analyze the comment or post. We are all very excited to bring this program to you guys! I started to feel like an actual news dude. It was different. Anyways, we have a lot of great things coming up for you folks of the internet community, so stay tuned!

Look for "Episode 0" Friday night at 7 pm and the premiere episode Friday March 29th featuring Adam Kokesh!

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