Freedom: the Intention of Life

By Nancy Oakes
May 24, 2013

Some might consider this age we are living in as a time to reflect, a history lesson of the origin of the planet; and a record of the early arrivals. Because we are now aware, humanity will no longer be deceived and manipulated about the “Intention of Life.” Woven through this article are truths about the greatest, darkest cover-up on our planet; conducted by very powerful established organizations, to conceal the truth of creation, promote war and fear, and enslave the people of Earth.

The truth is, the Supreme Creator cannot be a “HE.” Human beings all begin as females in the womb and then continue as females or are manipulated by hormones to become a male. More evidence, one element on the Y-chromosome itself causes a male child. Human beings became Co-creators through a great gift, and I will explain.

The fallen angels are recorded even in the Christian Bible as raping the women of earth. They gave up their sacredness and became as man, thus cast away from the sacredness of the realms of the Supreme Creator, “Love and Light.” This happened millions of years after the first arrivals, and the descendants of the original people (as in Native American tribes, etc.) Many cultures, people and religions were going on way before the first book of Genesis, which is a Jewish history book. The sacred feminine, the original people and their stories of the beginning including the holiness of birth have all but been annihilated from humanity’s memory; by the fallen ones, and their descendants.

The new age, the “Fifth World” the ‘Golden Age” is the return of the sacred feminine, reinventing the sacred balance of male and female, and the “Intention of Life”. A remembrance, a renewed awareness of the link of male and female energies channeled though sacred creation…

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