Free Thinker Radio (6/9/22): Truth Is Treason in the Empire of Lies

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Houston ISD using 60 preachers to help with safety, security to end school year (

Police Chief Troy Finner Statement on Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation at 8700 Josie Street
“Investigations into the April 27 officer-involved shooting at 8700 Josie Street involving Mr. Jalen Randle remain active and ongoing.

In accordance with our policy, the Houston Police Department released body worn camera videos within 30 days of the incident. The incident is being thoroughly investigated by the HPD Special Investigations Unit, the Internal Affairs Division and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and the entire investigation will be reviewed by the Independent Police Oversight Board.

As with all officer-involved shooting incidents, the Harris County District Attorney will present the completed investigation to a grand jury.

On Monday afternoon (June 6), I met with several community leaders to brief them on false information being released regarding the fatal incident involving Mr. Randle.

We respect and understand emotions and pain that families who have lost loved ones go through during these investigations. Having said that, the family’s attorney, Mr. Ben Crump, whom I respect as an advocate for justice, is claiming Mr. Randle was shot in the back of the neck or head. That is a false statement. To publicly make such a false claim is irresponsible.

While official autopsy results are pending, preliminary results indicate there was one gunshot wound to the front of Mr. Randle’s neck. Mr. Crump and his team have publicly stated and used a diagram to indicate the gunshot wound was to the back of Mr. Randle’s neck. Mr. Crump should correct the false information and explain that the diagram is not part of Mr. Randle’s official autopsy. While this is only one component of a comprehensive investigation, it is necessary to correct this misinformation.

I ask everyone in our community to not rush to judgment and wait for the investigations to be completed.”

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