Free Thinker Radio (5/5/21): The Solutions Are in Your Community

Greater Houston Partnership cut from state of the city and state of the county events over Texas voting reform fight (

Turner, Hidalgo cancel speeches at Greater Houston Partnership over its silence on Texas voting bills (

Texas Senate Bill 7: New, sweeping restrictions for Texas voters |
In an overnight vote after more than seven hours of debate, the Texas Senate signed off on Senate Bill 7, which would limit extended early voting hours, prohibit drive-thru voting and make it illegal for local election officials to proactively send applications to vote by mail to voters, even if they qualify. many of the restrictions in SB 7 would target initiatives championed in those areas to make it easier for more voters to participate in elections.

Bail In Texas Could See Key Changes Under House Bill, But Some Lawmakers Still See An Unequal System (
Judicial officers will use a risk assessment tool when making bail decisions and ban cashless release for those accused of some violent or sexual crimes.​​​​​​

FAA cracks down on abusive, maskless flyers with fines up to $32,750 (

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds defends returning $95 million from feds for COVID testing in schools (

DDT Study (brief)​​​​​​​

Bill Gates, China, 23&Me & Your DNA

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