Free Thinker Radio (5/25/22): The WEF and WHO International Tyranny Is Here

Derrick, Micah, and Johnny are back for another episode of Free Thinker Radio on 90.1 KPFT Houston and The Conscious Resistance Network. Free Thinker Radio has been broadcasting uncensored news and underground music since 2011.


Tree Giveaway in partnership with Arbor Day Foundation and Fluor | Facebook

US Attorney: Houston police shot man seconds after order to raise hands – NZ Herald

US military-led insect project feared to be weaponized

The NHS just edited their Monkeypox page…to make it scarier​​​​​​​

EXC: The Infamous Wuhan Lab Recently Assembled Monkeypox Strains Using Methods Flagged For Creating ‘Contagious Pathogens’.

Davos/WEF meeting in Switzerland

“Digital Assets and the Future of Finance: Examining the Benefits and Risks of a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency.” | American Bankers Association (


New Home Sales See Sharp Drop Off, a Signal US Housing Boom Is Slowing – CNET

‘Recession warning’: Sales of new homes plunge in April – POLITICO

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