Free Thinker Radio (12/6/21): CIA Sex Crimes Exposed

Micah, Derrick and Johnny are back for another episode of Free Thinker Radio on The Conscious Resistance Network and 90.1 KPFT Houston. Free Thinker Radio is your home for uncensored news and underground music since 2011.

Aldine ISD to lift mask mandate after the holidays (
The district announced it will lift its mask mandate on Monday, Jan. 3 due to an ongoing decline in COVID-19 cases. Students, staff and visitors won’t be required to wear masks at Aldine ISD facilities or events.Superintendent LaTonya M. Goffney said the decision was based on the data and facts available to the district, and the district will continue to prioritize safety while ver sacrificing learning.

Watch: Paris Police Check Proof Of Vaccination While Diners Eat

New York Will Require Full Vaccination To Access Public Places, Even 5-Year-Olds Need At Least One Shot

World agrees to negotiate a global ‘pandemic treaty’ to fight the next outbreak|

FBI Document Says the Feds Can Get Your WhatsApp Data — in Real Time

Secret CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children (

CEOs and insiders sell a record $69 billion of their stock (

A major shift is underway at the Federal Reserve that could see a speedier end to its easy policies (

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